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Science Farms Two

Sunset at Science Farms Two Texas

Science Farms Two is home to our equine science, robotics and aquatic ecology labs.

Located in a tranquil setting, just a thirty minute drive from Houston in The Woodlands, Texas, Science Farms Two provides an open space for scientific research.

Science Farms Two is home to Cybertech Robotics, a local robotics repair and engineering company. We are partnering with Cybertech Robotics in order to help with robotics research projects.

Science Farms Two is also home to six horses. Through our equine science lab, you will be able to study the effects of our changing environment on the horses.

Science Farms Two is also home to our aquatic ecology lab. Science Farms Two contains a natural pond, full of local Texas pond life and flora. One of our current citizen science projects at Science Farms Two is to monitor the changes in the aquatic life as a direct result of the changes to our natural environment. Recently, a housing development was built on the wetlands which back this property. We are looking to evaluate the changes in the aquatic systems bought on by this direct change in the environment.

Science Farms Two also offers an agricultural recycling lab. Utilizing waste products created by the running of a horse ranch, we are looking at how we can recycle everyday farm products in order to make useful tools and devices.

The labs at Science Farms Two consist of:

  • Equine Science Lab
  • Robotics Lab
  • Agricultural Recycling Lab
  • Aquatic Ecology Lab

Science Farms Two is expected to open to the public in late Summer 2012.

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