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Lab Pods

Providing Eco-friendly Lab Pods - One of our Science Farms One building projects

At Science Farms One, we are looking to build some unique, eco-friendly lab spaces for our citizen scientists to utilize in order to work on their projects. Keeping our wonderful woodland environment in mind, we are looking to build at least five lab pods throughout Science Farms.

We are working on the design and costs of our lab pods at the moment. We believe that each pod should be no larger than 8 foot by 12 foot with a maximum height of 11 foot, basically small enough to fit on the back of a trailer, should we ever need to move location. Each lab pod will contain a lab bench and computer work bench, as well as general office furniture.

The loft area will be used as a storage facility for lab and personal equipment. We aim to allow citizen scientists to rent out storage spots within our lab lofts for a minimum monthly charge. This will allow them to keep all essential equipment and items close at hand while they work.

Each lab pod will be fitted with solar panel roofing. By providing green energy to our labs spaces, we will help to reduce our carbon footprints. Additionally, each roof will be sloped in order to help us collect rain water and utilize this for our irrigation systems at Science Farms.

The lab pods will be located at specific spots throughout the woodland areas of Science Farms One. Due to the recent drought in Texas, and damage caused by Hurricane Ike, we have areas available where fine trees once stood. We do not anticipate cutting down any tree in order to construct and house our lab pods.

Additionally, we will use the opportunity of lab pod construction to plan more trees within the woodlands. All trees will be indigenous to our area. It is our aim to conserve both our natural environment and wildlife here at Science Farms One.

We are offering people and companies the right to sponsor any one of our lab pods for a give period of time. Companies who assist us in providing materials and costs for the pod construction and green energy projects will be considered sponsors indefinitely.

If you would like to sponsor a lab pod’s construction, or wish to donate to the costs, please contact us.

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