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Welcome To Science Farms

Science Farms One

Science Farms One is our primary Science Farms location. Located just north of The Woodlands, Texas, forty miles outside Houston, Science Farms One is the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. The property is set in over one acre of dense woods, making it the perfect location for citizen scientists to embark upon conservation,...

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Science Farms Two

Science Farms Two is home to our equine science, robotics and aquatic ecology labs. Located in a tranquil setting, just a thirty minute drive from Houston in The Woodlands, Texas, Science Farms Two provides an open space for scientific research. Science Farms Two is home to Cybertech Robotics, a local robotics repair and engineering company. We...

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Lab Pods

At Science Farms One, we are looking to build some unique, eco-friendly lab spaces for our citizen scientists to utilize in order to work on their projects. Keeping our wonderful woodland environment in mind, we are looking to build at least five lab pods throughout Science Farms. We are working on the design and costs of our lab pods at the...

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Help Science Farms

So far, Science Farms has been completely financed by the founders. However, our resources are limited. There are a number of ways in which you can help Science Farms to grow and become Houston’s central spot for the citizen science movement. Not only that, but you will be helping us to work on and fund specific projects we do not have the...

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  • Science Farms One

    Science Farms One is our primary Science...

  • Science Farms Two

    Science Farms Two is home to our equine...

  • Lab Pods

    At Science Farms One, we are looking to...

  • Help Science Farms

    So far, Science Farms has been completely...

About Science Farms

Science Farms is a community hub for scientists and science enthusiasts. Whether you are a professional scientist looking to embark on a novel research project away from work, or you are a citizen science fan who wants to learn some DIY science and help contribute to our understanding of the world, we welcome you here.

The concept of Science Farms is to promote a safe, eco-friendly environment in which citizen scientists and professional scientists can embark on research projects, learn science and apply science techniques. We will provide courses and seminars at our Science Farms locations which are open to the public to attend. With topics ranging from neuroscience and astronomy to equine science and robotics, and everything in between, we are sure you will find something of interest.

At Science Farms, we know that many people develop an interest in science after they choose their career path. It is one of our aims to help new citizen science enthusiasts to get their research ideas off the ground. We hope to provide a good range of science educational programs and projects which will be of benefit to new citizen scientists and seasoned professionals alike.

Anyone in the public can schedule a time in our science lab areas to work on projects. We will be adding more and more citizen science projects into our system as the weeks and months go by. Some of the science projects hosted at Science Farms are in collaboration with other citizen science movements. We welcome Science Farms members to create their own open science projects for others to join and assist in. If we all work together, we can help change the world.

We will also host regular science themed events at our Science Farms locations. From star gazing evenings to robot battles, we can arrange events to suit every taste. Additionally, each September, we will be hosting an Adult Science Fair, where Science Farms members can enter their projects and win great prizes.

Science Farms is a citizen science gathering place in Houston. It is our hope that other branches of Science Farms will soon spring up in other cities and states.

Our Goals

The goals of Science Farms are as follows:
  • To provide a place and equipment where the public can learn, watch and participate in science.
  • To provide a fun, friendly and educational eco-friendly environment for scientists and science enthusiasts to embark on citizen science research projects
  • To lower our carbon footprint on the environment by recycling and replanting
  • To be as close to self sufficient as we can be
  • To document the impact of environmental changes on local Texas ecology
  • To teach farmers effective recycling of agricultural waste and products
  • To promote science through citizen science projects, education, media and science events
  • To act as a launch pad for public science ideas and projects
  • To become a testing ground for research replication

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